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International Workshops

For questions regarding any of the International Trips below, please refer to the additional information listed below each workshop. Contact the workshop coordinator or organization for specific details regarding availability, fees, pricing, travel, transportation, lodging, meals etc.

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Explore Guatemala with Bob Burridge
December 1-10, 2021


This December, you have the opportunity to join artist Bob Burridge and explore the beauty and splendor of Guatemala. Discover some of the world's most inspiring settingsā€¦ the many layered textures and colors of Guatemala are an artist's heaven and a traveler's dream. The people and the culture will weave their way into your heart as you explore the ruins of the early Maya civilizations and the small villages where the indigenous population live, speak, dress and practice their religion as they did hundreds of years ago. The markets, the feel of Spanish Colonial, and the colorful countryside will all make you want to return again and again.

We stay at the most unique, luxurious hotels and dine on the finest cuisine (including the "typical" indigenous fare); travel the country in first class motor coaches with the best drivers and guides (all connected by cell phone and radios); comfortable seats, lots of room and viewing windows are the order of the day. Visit the "must see" as well as private venues that are not seen or experienced by others.

Explore Amazing Places has been leading workshops and tours in Guatemala for 20 years. We have developed incredible connections and offer an unmatched experience for our travelers as we explore colonial Antigua, majestic Lake Atitlan, the world renown markets of Chichicastenango and more. This will be a tour you don't want to miss out on.

Explore Guatemala with Bob Burridge
December 1-10, 2021

Contact Jeremy Dyck
Tour Coordinator
(623) 888-1314
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"Abstract Painting & Collage Workshop" with Robert Burridge at Casa de Los Artistas
Boca de Tomatlan, Mexico, 10 miles South of Puerto Vallarta
January 22-29, 2022

Boca de Tomatlan Join us in the unique, relaxed, tropical environment of Casa de Los Artistas, in the charming fishing village of Boca de Tomatlan, 10 miles south of Puerto Vallarta on Mexico's gorgeous Pacific coast. Casa de Los Artistas and its villas are built with the jungle and mountains behind them, with the river and ocean at their front door. Here inspirartion abounds, with tropical flora, fuana, and all the beauty the sun, surf and sea have to offer. A very special and safe retreat space.

Daily you can expect warmup paint sketching, brief painting and lecture demos, as well as indiviual and group critiques during this all inclusive week long workshop. Bob shares his unique techniques and years of painting experience in his warm and personal teaching style. This workshop will emphasize loose, expressive techniques, not necessarily photo realism techniques - of course, your style is up to you and Bob will help you with yours. There will be time spent in the Casa's magnificent open air studio with dweeping views of the ocean, river and quaint village of Boca de Tomatlan, as well as time spent painting on location in plein air.

To register call Robert Masla at 413-625-8382.
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