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What I hope these paintings are suggesting is the spirit of hope in feeding the hungry of the world. The staggering number of universal starvation moved me to create the exhibition of awareness. My vessel paintings are simply vessels, symbolizing the one necessity needed to collect, hold, store and equally distribute the "manna from heaven." Some vessels are empty... waiting. Others are overflowing. Imagine.

Click HERE to view the video of the artists' remarks at the exhibit opening, August 20, 2016 at the Elverhoj Museum of Art & Culture in Solvang, California. Artists Robert Burridge, Jim McWilliams and Bob Nichols.

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Vessel Bring to a Boil Manna from Heaven Loving Cup Melting Pot

Soup Cascade Chalice Grail Rain Forest

Red Cup 80 Days Cenote Clay Bowls Picnic Donut Machine

Food Bank Alphabet Soup Blue Cup Share Coffee & Donuts Filter

Blessing Gathering Winnowing Gravy Train (diptych) Donut Factory (diptych)

School Lunch (diptych) Table Setting (diptych)

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