How to Commission a Burridge Painting

Want a Robert Burridge painting that is custom-made just for you? I can do it!

I can create commissioned artwork on either paper or canvas. I use all archival quality materials; #300 watercolor paper or stretched canvas. Click HERE for the Commission Criteria Form.

All fees are based on the finished size of the painting. Please contact Kate or Bob Burridge at for fees. Tax and shipping/delivery is not included.

Our policy is to receive a 50% deposit, payable by check, VISA or Mastercard, American Express or Discover before starting a commission, with the balance due upon delivery of the completed artwork. You are welcome to visit my studio anytime during the creation process and I am happy to keep you informed of the progress of the painting by emailed images. Once started, I can generally have the artwork completed in 3-4 weeks, depending on my schedule.

As soon as all criteria has been decided on (size, subject matter, etc.) I will send you rough conceptual sketches of what you have outlined in the criteria, along with a letter of confirmation. I am happy to work with paint chips, fabric samples and your personal input. I can always be reached with any questions or concerns that may come up.

Thank you very much for your interest!