Online Workshops, Demos & No-Show Refund Policy

All Burridge Workshop or Demo fees must be paid in full prior to the workshop start date.

You have the option of making a deposit of $50 for Burridge Online Workshops. The balance must be paid prior to the workshop start date. If not paid in full, you will not be admitted to the workshop, nor will you receive a recording link.

Burridge Monthly Demos and other programs under $100 must be paid in full upon registration.

Private Coaching, Critiques and Private Lessons: You will be admitted to your session 2-3 minutes prior to your start time to get your audio and video in order. If you are late – we will keep the zoom room active for 10 minutes after your start time. Your session will end at the scheduled time. If you are a no show, you forfeit your session.

There are no refunds. If you find you must cancel your registration, we will transfer your paid workshop fees to another Burridge Studio Online Workshop or Demo.

If you have an emergency that keeps you from accessing zoom, please contact or text 1-805-459-1503 to be rescheduled.

If Robert Burridge Studio must cancel for technical issues or illness, you will have the option of transferring your payment to another online workshop, demo, coaching session, products or paintings. You can also opt to receive a refund. This applies only to workshops sponsored by Burridge Studio.

—revised 1/2023