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I have no artistic angst. I do believe, however that art should be an uplifting and moving experience for both the painter and the viewer. 15 years ago, I began to paint all that I felt was good: Fine Wines, Chilled Martinis, Lush Floral Bouquets, and Elegant Interiors. The opulent life style is a dream that we all can appreciate and strive for.
Interiors         Interiors
My classical training in art started in college where I studied examples of French Impressionism and their interior scenes. From Van Gogh, Gauguin and Bonnard I learned to paint the common view, often overlooked by previously painted subjects. My particular subjects included in an interior are tables, chairs and simple still lifes --- often repeated as a reflection in a mirror hanging on a distant wall. I always place a window in my interiors. So the viewer can "escape" -- I also use the window as a source of glowing light to illuminate the interior. This I borrowed from Vermeer. The shape of the window panes are echoed in the ladder-back chairs or the checkerboard design on the floor. Today, my favorite interior paintings are influenced by Richard Diebenkorn and David Hockney.
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Florals         Florals
I have always enjoyed picking and gathering wild flowers. Growing up on a small farm, I recall gathering bouquets of colorful weeds dandelions for my Mother on Mothers Day. Today, the visual beauty that I find in a vase of flowers excites me to capture those childhood memories. And now, I sow wild indiginous flower seeds in our farm fields but race ahead of the deer for a few handfulls of flowers.
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Still Life         Still Life
My first painting lesson was a still life set up in my Freshman year in art college. Nothing moved. I quickly learned to see color, shapes and shadows. These art classes taught me how to see and how to capture it with paint. Now I live in the middle of 52 wineries, so of course the color and shapes of glass bottles and tumblers excite me still. Annually I am involved in the Central Coast Wine Classic and the San Luis Obispo County Vintners Association in providing images for their fundraisers.
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Landscapes         Landscapes
My love for open land and old trees inspires me to paint and capture their long history on our great planet. My Sierra Club membership plus painting endangered areas is my small contribution to encourage others to help save our tormented planet.
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Hearts         Hearts
For me, hearts are a symbol of hope and good things to come. My first encounter with this universal icon was while studying my fascination with ancient Egyptian writing. The mystery of hieroglyphs and Egyptian culture is so complex to me that I've narrowed it down to a simple heart shaped image. For me, this one images communicates a strong message that cannot be confused with any other meaning's hope in our future.
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