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Lounge Ladies and their Magic Rabbits
"I imagined lady magicians alone, lounging between shows, with their secret rabbits. These paintings represent several from this series of Lounge Ladies. Circus images as well as theatrical magic shows still keep me in wonder - like a daydreaming schoolboy. Today I paint those scenes and smile, recalling the places I've been!".

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Hey Boberina Lady Magician with Blue Lounge Lady & Green Sofa Lounging with her Magic Tricks Nude on Red Sofa Watching TV

Parlor Tricks Sunday Visitor The Best Seat in the House Two Clowns on a Couch Ventriloquist

Legs Girl with a Yellow Pillow Red Sofa Nude Watching TV Formal Sitting Woman Rising

And Here She Is! Lady and her Magic Sofa Lady and her Magic Pet The Magic Family Pink Lady Family on a Sofa

5pm in the Lounge They’ll Notice Me Family Lounge Girls in Red Mist Lounge Sun Lounge

She Glows Date Night According to Him

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