Burridge Critiques Your Art

Online honest critiques
Private One-on-One
Critiques • Comments • Suggestions

One-on-One Time with Bob
•Conversational and Personal
•Useful Information
•Instant Real Answers
•New Way to See Your Work

You have Bob’s Attention!
•Ask any Painting Question
•What do I do Next?
•Suggestions for what Bob would do!

Need the first steps? Wondering how to get started with your paintings?
Bob will help you establish your 5Cs:
•Color Combination

Zoom Recording of your Session to keep.

Step One: Purchase your Plan:

Plan A • Critique of Your Art
min of 3, up to 6 images

Plan B • Revisions, Same body of Art
min of 3, up to 6 images

Plan C • Kick in the Pants Coaching
1 hr session

Plan D • Kick in the Pants Coaching
Monthly Series – four 1 hour sessions

Step Two: Email your Images
Send email images – jpegs only – Labeled with your name
Send no originals

Step Three: Schedule your Zoom Meeting with Bob
Kate will contact you after your images are received.

Questions? Contact Kate, kate@robertburridge.com