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Loose, Ethereal Trees – Robert Burridge Painting Demo​
This Robert Burridge Demo illustrates the three steps he takes to practice painting “ethereal” trees and landscapes. The two techniques are his popular Drip Trees and painting a Single Tree, using Reductive Painting technique. Bob makes all of this up – not on location, but in the comfort and safety of his own studio!
20 minutes
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Robert Burridge Start Abstract Painting Today!​
Very hip film for the painter who wants to really start abstract painting today. Learn the 12 design compositions, “extreme painting” section, Bonus BobLand and more.
60 minutes.
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Robert Burridge Loosen Up Painting Series!
All 3 of his classic videos on one DVD.
Back to the “Burridge Basics” with his Loosen Up series of single subject exercises, floral still lifes and elusive landscapes. Burridge takes you through his 20 Top Secrets to Loosening Up plus warm-up exercises, composition and values, all in his country barn studio. Increase your passion to paint more and have fun while you’re doing it!
145 minutes
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