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Brent Hanson Brent Hanson - “I attend classes and workshops on an ongoing basis to keep learning and growing. Of all the instructors, Bob is without a doubt the most caring, empowering, and engaging instructor/coach/mentor I've ever encountered. Each Studio Mentor Workshop has been a fresh, and unique experience that has fueled my growth and helped me find my direction as an artist. While Bob shares his style and methods without reservation, he more importantly encourages artists to develop their own work. Top all that off with great food and drink, their warm hospitality, and the beautiful surroundings at his compound make this one of my favorite painting escapes." Brent Hanson

Wyn Kalagian Wyn Kalagian - “What a great experience I had at Robert Burridge’s Studio in November 2011! As you approach the rural setting of his studio which is charming and very conducive to an artistic “get away”. You will enjoy the surroundings, which overlook fields, horses grazing and a variety of birds singing. Their charming house sits on the hillside. There you share amazing food and wine with the other artists. The food and table settings are beautifully and tastefully prepared by the amazing Kate. The mentoring style workshop is a fun and an extremely helpful artistic experience. Robert is there to challenge and guide you the entire time. I had written to him before the class with a theme that I want to work on five large canvases. This kept me on track and provided him with my reason for wanting to attend the workshop. It was great to have so much of his attention. I have been in several of his large workshops and even travelled to Guatemala with him, but this was a more intense use of time. I have taking up painting in my retirement and have experienced many art teachers during the last twelve years, but Robert by far has been my best teacher. I have learned many painting techniques that I have successfully applied to my work. He is helpful and mix that with his great humour you cannot help but learn and thoroughly enjoy the adventure. I live in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, so it is quite a journey to Robert’s Studio, but I do hope to return again.” Wyn Kalagian

Diane Zinn Diane Zinn - “Robert Burridge is a master teacher and Kate is the consumate hostess! I can't wait to go back for another workshop at Bob's studio! It was worth every nickel!” Diane Zinn

Robin Walker Robin Walker - “Bob Burridge’s Mentor Workshops are not to be missed. His studio houses an environment of fun and learning that I’ve never experienced anywhere else. After attending a few of his 4-day retreats, I feel like I’ve been to art school--but the magic isn't that he taught me to paint. It's that he helped me paint more like myself. I didn't know what I had in me until Bob helped bring it out. His teaching method is so warm and supportive that I couldn’t help but find my true voice in his presence. He covers composition, color, light, optimism, meaning, spontaneity, creative process, on and on. Kate's hospitality is incredible, too. I didn't won't want for anything!” Robin Walker

Brenda Goerzen Brenda Goerzen - “I have been in several of Bob’s Mentor workshops and they have turned into an eagerly anticipated annual event. There are so many things I have come to appreciate about the unique opportunity these workshops provide for me that I need to make a list: • Having Bob’s help with my painterly ambitions • Being around a small bunch of other artists focused on taking their own work to the next level • Observing Bob engrossed in his painting process in between working with students… such a treat • Making more artist friends • Having the nature and beautiful countryside of Bob’s Arroyo Grande studio all around me • Enjoying Kate’s wonderful food, wine and company… she takes such good care of all of us students so that all we have to do is paint • Shopping for more of Bob’s art and DVD’s, since I can’t seem to get enough of those things • Just plain great fun to be around Bob in his studio! These are just some of the things that keep me coming back mentor workshop after mentor workshop.” Brenda Goerzen

Margarita Hernandez Margarita Hernandez - “I really enjoyed the complete four days of the mentoring workshop. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to be in a great atmosphere (the location, the food, the instruction). Bob is great at sharing all what he knows, and perhaps this is one of the things I admire most about him. I brought home a lot of invaluable information, and most important, very motivated to take my art to a new level. I also had the chance to meet wonderful artists in a nice camaraderie ambiance.” Margarita Hernandez

Jamie Walker Jamie Walker - “I was a watercolorist for many years until I met Robert Burridge this September. He introduced me to the acrylic medium and now look at me... Paint is everywhere and I'm having a blast! I'm planning to return to his awesome studio again in July. It's like going to Disneyland!” Jamie Walker

Caren Goodrich Caren Goodrich - “I highly value the Burridge Studio Mentor workshops I have participated in. It's a quiet retreat in a pastoral setting where you can set aside outside influences and focus on what you want to accomplish with your painting. It's a nice combination of guidance and inspiration, a great time to try something new with the added fun of being around other painters. At the end of the week, you will (reluctantly) leave feeling exhilarated and recharged, with a new body of work!” Caren Goodrich

Tonya Romano Schultz Tonya Romano Schultz - “Freedom to be, allowing the juices to flow, letting child and adolescent and creative adult play and tap the creative core within--that's what the Burridge Mentor Workshops are all about--it's natural to be natural, it's normal to be creative, it's fun to be alive! That's what the workshops give and what you will take home!” Tonya Romano Schultz

Janis Loverin Janis Loverin - “How can having that much fun be a serious attempt at developing your artistic voice? Trust me; it can! After wrestling the question, and much painting and deliberation, the obvious answer!...JOY and CREATIVITY go hand in hand! I highly recommend Bob Burridge's mentor workshops...a fabulous venue for finding the joy in your art and ultimately finding your artistic voice.” Janis Loverin

Susan Hanson Susan Hanson - “The mentor workshop with Bob was a great experience. I feel like it propelled me into the next phase of my work. The personalized attention from Bob gave me the chance to make strides in figuring out what my intentions are and the subject matter that I want to paint. Just being near Bob, even in a regular workshop, is great as his enthusiasm for painting is so contagious. His enthusiasm for life is contagious. The mentor workshop just takes everything to a new level. After sharing meals and lots of great wine and snacks, we felt as if we were family members of Bob and Kate’s. They catered to our every need and want. They both have so much to give. It is well worth it. I hope to do another workshop there in the near future.” Susan Hanson

Sue Wilde Sue Wilde - “I needed a kick in the butt. Had been doing highly realistic stuff for years and wanted to let loose. Every time I tried to do something loose and abstract it was awful! Just couldn’t get it. Had my eye on Bob and his workshops for a couple of years before I bit the bullet and dove in! And, am I glad I did! In just those few days I was completely turned around. It opened up a whole new way of painting for me. I am having an absolute ball. Got a nice big new studio and am making a big mess and loving it. I even have an eaves trough under my easel! Bob showed me a zillion different techniques for using paint, kinds of materials to use and where to get them, marketing ideas and business advice. Not to mention the fabulous food and lots and lots of fun! Thanks Bob and Kate. I will cherish my time with you for the rest of my life!” Sue Wilde

Sue Robertson Sue Robertson - “I have been to two of Bob Burridge’s mentor workshops and plan to return in a few months for a third. I find him a skilled painter, a generous teacher and a true inspiration. He loves his work as a painter and as a teacher more than any instructor I have taken a class from. The inspiration he provides me is the reason that I return to his classes year after year. It is simply a joy to observe him and learn from him. It is bonus to go to the workshops at his studio because you are surrounded by his work for the duration of the workshop.” Sue Robertson

Janett Marie Braun Janett Marie Braun - “The best workshop I’ve ever attended in my whole life! Bob's enthusiasm at the workshop made such an impression on me, I was able to transfer this excitement back to my studio in Indianapolis. Not only did I arrive back home full of ideas and eagerness to paint, I was treated first class while at the Burridge Studio Mentor Workshop in Arroyo Grande. It was like someone lit a flame under me. I found a new freedom in painting and producing my artwork. I came home on fire. His confirmation that I could freely express myself in my own work, was the inspiration I needed to get me "over the hump", to really free up my creative spirit. Bob's workshop was the "pep talk" that motivated and inspired me to the next level. I highly recommend any of Bob’s workshops, especially if you feel stale, stuck and need to put some passion back into your work. Just go, I did.” Janett Marie Braun

Kathy Birdsong Kathy Birdsong - “Working with Bob in his studio is so much more personal than in his workshops. We become a close-knit group of painters interacting, sharing, eating meals together, laughing, working intensely. Bob was a great help to me in fine-tuning my theme and guiding me in directions I needed to go. He gave lots of personal time, lots of sincere encouragement. Painting alongside Bob as he worked cast an aura of greatness on us all!” Kathy Birdsong

Kelly Wonderly Kelly Wonderly - “I welcome the opportunity to share what I experienced at the mentor work shop! Bob shared instantly usable information and inspiration. I draw on my days spent in the studio nearly every time I paint or create. The workshop left me with the feeling that I was responsible for taking chances and trying new techniques as the way to developing my abilities. I am left with a huge diemma: if my house was on fire do I save the family photos or my box of "skins"?! just kidding. hmmm. I'd like to add that Kate is a wealth of marketing knowledge as well as a welcoming presence at the workshop. I hope to attend another workshop in that beautiful setting again. The photo with me is a skin collage titled 'Shattered’. It was in a show comprised of first place winners from our county fair. The other image is an abstract titled ‘Elephant Ride’. It sold within a few weeks of completion.” Kelly Wonderly

Dani Dodge Dani Dodge - “When I was at my lowest point as an artist --- a moment when I had let others' opinions make me want to give up --- it was Robert Burridge's positive energy and enthusiastic teaching during a mentor workshop that helped me to continue. And succeed. I will always be grateful to Bob, and to Kate, for helping me thrive as an artist.” Dani Dodge

test Theresa Girard - “To paint in a small group of talented artists for a week is in itself, a privilege. To do it in a setting as personal as someone's studio is an intimate experience. Traveling down the pacific coast highway after arriving from New England was certainly a great prerequisite to 5 days of painting. The colors I was able to draw from was inspiring for this, the first mentor workshop of 2008. Bob Burridge gives 100% of his time, knowledge, history, successes and even his mistakes to help each student grow it their highest potential. His enthusiasm is throughly contagious. I enjoyed the smaller group and individual attention that I was given. the encouragement from Bob helped me to push forward in my work and grow as an artist. The personal touches that Kate supplied provided a warm and lovely environment; a real bonus!” test

Cynthia Martin Koerner Cynthia Martin Koerner - “Everytime I have attended one of Bob's workshops I get a burst of "art creative energy", and his mentor workshop is no exception. In fact, I will say that immersing myself for 4 days in Bob's studio is absolutely The Best burst ever! I loved the fact that the group is small and intimate, that everyday you look forward to heading over to this very special studio/location, and that both Bob, and his wife Kate, are waiting for you to do everything possible to further your creative spirit... You just Go To The Studio to play and create....and when the food bell rings, Kate magically has fabulous food waiting during which time you get some wonderful social time with Bob and the other artists........... what could be better! I came home with a new "idea direction" which I am still pursuing ....over a year later...who knows where it will go If you take this mentor workshop you are sure to take some new turn...and to be really excited about it.” Cynthia Martin Koerner

Cecilia Rivera de Bueso Cecilia Rivera de Bueso - “Through of the Bob's Workshop I have discovered new ways to transform my subconscious color or images into forms that I could share with others. I really enjoyed to see him painting… He is capable to transmit his artistic energy!” Cecilia Rivera de Bueso

Nort Wright Nort Wright - “If you're looking for 3 days of total immersion into uniquely useable painting instruction taught ‘hands-on’ by one of America's outstanding abstract expressionist painters, artist Bob Burridge's ‘Studio Mentor Workshop’ held in the scenic countryside of Arroyo Grande, California (ten minutes south of San Luis Obispo) is for you. In a pleasant, barn-like studio just a few paces from Bob & Kate's ranch house, there is ample space and light for 7 student artists to paint under Bob's enthusiastic and well-ordered guidance - and though the usual working period is 9am to 4pm (including a marvelously tasty luncheon served up by Kate in the Burridge's ranch house), participants can paint long into the night if so inspired. Bob's program of instruction, sometimes summarized as ‘The Four C's’, runs from (1) CONCEPT = ways by which you can identify the idea or subject matter of the painting you intend, (2) COMPOSITION = a myriad of ways to structure or construct or design your painting's composition, (3) COLOR = Bob's surprisingly economical use of four colors to help define the dominant color of your painting… then the single color of the painting's attention-focusing and climaxing focal point… the addition of two spice colors used sparingly to accent or draw additional attention to the focal point … and of course the colors of black & white, (4) COMMITMENT = the rationale/excitement/fun of continuing to “work” your painting until you've succeeded. Bob goes one-on-one with each student artist demonstrating the above techniques and encouraging us to work QUICKLY, curtail premature self-editing, avoid ‘painter's block’, and give ourselves permission to succeed while having a very good time! A final word on the ‘good time’ of the Studio Mentor Workshop, Bob Burridge is a uniquely entertaining instructor, a high energy showman and raconteur who skillfully creates an informal and easygoing ambiance in the studio that fuels quick friendships among his artist students while simultaneously leading us in the creation of some of our best work. And there is an abundance of supporting materials available at the workshop. i.e., videotapes of Bob at work, composition diagrams, the Burridge ‘Goof-Proof Color Wheel’, and ‘The Artsy Fartsy Newsletter’ which in spite of its goofy title provides excellent, painting-technique descriptions and storyboards to remind of Bob's instruction. In conclusion - you'll have a unique and wonderfully enjoyable time at Bob's ‘Studio Mentor Workshop’, and you'll depart a more skilled, more motivated, and more joyous artist. GO!” Nort Wright

Rod Morris Rod Morris - “The finest thing I ever got from Bob and the best thing he ever said to me was: “Be free. Paint anything you want. Paint anyway you want. You can’t do anything wrong. Paint the way you’ve always wanted to paint.” And from that day forward, I’ve been unafraid of painting. I’m painting today. “Fear no art”. The Mentor workshop is the best thing I’ve ever done for me. Looking forward to the next time.” Rod Morris

Vanessa Seagraves Vanessa Seagraves - “The time spent with Bob in his studio and his home are the finest memories I have of being good to myself. Never have I allowed myself to be totally free with my creativity. As a mentor, Bob allowed me to feel safe and therefore fear flys out the door. It's an experience like no other. With that said, I can't end without praising Kate! She nurtured me physically with her warmth and hospitality. What a team! Food and wine?  5 stars!! Thank you forever, Vanessa” Vanessa Seagraves

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