“Portraits Virtual Juried Exhibition”

Robert Burridge Studio and Arts for Rural Texas invites you to apply for our Virtual Juried Show – Table Setting.

(please see prospectus below the video)

Table for Two? Table for One? A Banquet Table! Paint your idea, your impression, your thoughts… no matter how realistic or abstract! Your entries will be posted in a closed FaceBook group. Keep reading for eligibility and entry information.


December 30, 2020
Prospectus available
Entries accepted

February 28, 2021
Final day for entries

March 1, 2021
Jurying of entries

March 7, 2021
Notice of Awards

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•Open to artists 16 years and older
•Artist’s artwork must be original and current – created within the last year
•Paintings entered must be 2D painted surfaces and can include collage and other mixed media. No photography please
•No size requirement
•Robert Burridge Studio reserves the right to refuse any work submitted

Entry Information and Fee:
To apply to the juried show, follow the information below:
•Enter your first name, last name and email address (required fields).
•All winners will be notified by email only.
•Then click on the PayPal link below to pay your $25 registration fee. Maximum of 3 pieces per entry.
•Please note by paying Robert Burridge Studio the registration fee you are hereby are agreeing to the terms of the virtual show.
•After you make the PayPal payment, we will contact you via email with a link to join the Petting Zoo Virtual Juried Show Facebook Group.
•In the email, click on the link to the Table Setting Facebook Group.
•Then click on JOIN GROUP button.
•Once your request is approved, you can upload your artwork.
•When you post your work, please list the title, size and medium.

First Name & Last Name
Email Address

Juror, Karen Vernon, ACT, BWS, TWS, WAS-H
My own paintings are an exploration of color, the fracturing of light across the surface of manmade and natural object. I find a fascination in the manner in which light diffuses and creates it spectral life on surfaces. The action and reaction of pigment and color on the surfaces on which I paint equally intrigue me. Each painting, whether oil, acrylic, pastel or watercolor, is a fascinating adventure in the discovery of color and its vibrant interplay.

Each day offers another experience, another piece of the world offered for rendering. I place on the surface simple renderings of wind, sun, fragrance, elements of the human experience.

As a judge, I seek to first evaluate the mastery of medium. Secondly, I evaluate the creative voice. How has the artist approached the subject creatively and in a manner to best communicate the story? That story might be the exploration of color and pattern, or it might be the passionate expression of a relationship with a person or a fond memory. I feel, however, that art goes beyond rendering and elevates when it communicates.

There is so much more to an artist and his artwork than the production of the art and the collections into which the art sells. There is the dream, the vision, the unspoken voice that echoes within each creative soul.

For me, art is not only about the creation of images, it is about the elevation of life. Art stimulates the good in humans and raises us to a higher level of thinking and performance. If my own expression placed on a surface contributes to this, I am pleased.

I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to teach in several nations, across the United States and to have my works placed into some wonderful collections, private, corporate, and museums across the world. I have earned signature memberships several organization in both the US and UK. The journey has been amazing.

Nonprofit Sponsor – Arts for Rural Texas
Arts for Rural Texas (ARTS) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization founded on the belief that the children living in our rural communities must have visual and performing arts experiences as part of their basic education to develop skills such as creativity, confidence, dedication, problem-solving, and accountability – traits that lead to success in work and life. The organization was formed almost 18 years ago and and has served over 20,000 youth.

ARTS provided free art after school in six school districts, 3 parochial schools and 2 Boys and Girls Clubs. In addition it provides free Fine Art Assemblies bringing the opera, ballet, symphony, chamber music, singer songwriters, dance and more into the schools. Summer Art Camp is another part of the programs where children study art, crafts and theater. Adult programs include art workshops and classes, the Spectrum Lecture Series, and performances.