“Loosen Up Workshop Notes Pack” eVersion

Create Show Stopper Paintings with these 11 Loosen Up Workshop Notes.

These are the exact painting workshop handout notes from
Robert Burridge’s “Loosen Up Workshps for Artists” series.
Individual Workshop Notes include:

1. 20 Top secrets for Loosening Up
2. Making a Painting Outdoors
3. Loose and Juicy Floral Stil Lifes
4. Making Abstract Paintings
5. How to Critique your Painting
6. The Creative Process
7. 12 Design Compositions for a Painting
8. Quick-Guide about Light Source
9. How to have Meaningful Intentions
10. Why Varnish your Painting
11. Suggested Reading List

These class notes as well as many other subjects are featured in Robert Burridge’s Workbook & Studio Notes. (see the “Robert Burridge’s Workbook & Studio Notes” product description).

“Loosen Up Workshop Notes Pack” eVersion
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