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"Burridge Rembrandt-Style Lighting Technique Chart"
Introducing the new Burridge Rembrandt-Style Lighting Technique Chart. Have you ever wondered why your painting has no punch - is too flat? Solution: Increase the contrast. This studio chart easily explains the concepts of lighting and contrast to make your next painting a winner! Made in the USA.
•Burridge Rembrandt-Style Lighting Technique Chart
•Black and white and color illustrations of the Value Chart
•Black and White illustrations of Broad Beam and Spot Light Lighting
•Black and white and color examples of the Rembrandt-Style Lighting Technique
•11 x 17 inches Overall, 14 pt Coated Cover C2S

        The New Burridge Goof-Proof Color Wheel

"The New Burridge Colorful Composition Chart"
Introducing the new Burridge Composition Chart showing dynamic color compositions from the Burridge Goof-Proof Color Wheel. Imagine painting your next powerful masterpiece with this studio chart nearby. It’s helpful when you get offtrack and need to refocus your color, your composition and your original intention. Made in the USA.
•Burridge Colorful Composition Chart
•Two colorful painting examples per composition
•Twelve black and white lines sketches
•11 x 17 inches Overall, 14 pt Coated Cover C2S

•Colorful Composition Chart 
•Rembrant-Style Lighting Technique

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