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Commissions Available
If you see a painting you like and it's already sold,
I will recreate a similar one...
Same size or larger, just for you!
Click HERE to send request.

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Weather         Anticipation Weather         Rim Light
Red Lands         California Night         Blue Barn California Sun         Canyon Cloud
Sunrise Study 3         Landscape Oil Sketch 1         Landscape Oil Sketch 2         Seascape Oil Sketch 1         Seascape Oil Sketch 2         Atoll
Sailing Adventure 1         Sailing Adventure 2         Sailing Adventure 3         Sailing Adventure 4         Sailing Adventure 5
Night Ship         Tree Study 9         Tree Study 11         Dawn Dunes         First Light
Good Night         Homestead         Morning Light Wave         Mountain Storm         Peek
Read at Night         Red Sunset         Unicloud #5         Headlands         Pastoral Landscape 3
Tree Line 2         Tree Line 3         Higher Ground 1         Higher Ground 7         Sedona Storm         Early Morning Beachwalk
Tree Study 9         Tree Study 10         Tree Study 11         First Light         Low Tide         Elusive Landscape 1
        Elusive Landscape 3         Elusive Landscape 4         Elusive Landscape 6         Elusive Landscape 7
Elusive Landscape 8         Elusive Landscape 10         Bahamas Sunrise         Red Skies at Night         Sailor's Delight
Canyon Light         Oasis         Tree         Beach Day         Dune Habitat         Dune Walk
Flowering Dunes         Lazy Day         Low Tide         Private Beach
Regetta         Warm Breeze         Windswept

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