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Commissions Available
If you see a painting you like and it's already sold,
I will recreate a similar one...
Same size or larger, just for you!
Click HERE to send request.

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Clowning Around 1Clowning Around 1         Clowning Around 2         Clowning Around 3         Clowning Around 4         Clowning Around 5         Clowning Around 6

Clowning Around 7         Clowning Around 8         Clowning Around 9         Clowning Around 10         Clowning Around 11         Ringmaster

Balancing Clown         Casual MC         Circus Figure 36         Circus Figure 38         Circus Figure 39         Circus Figure 42

Lounge Lady 1         Lounge Lady 2         Lounge Lady 3         Lounge Lady 4         Audition         Ball Demo 1

Ball Demo 2         Blue Silkies         Cone Head Clowns         Figure and Window         Figure in Black         Nude Study

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