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Our shameless, irreverent self-promotion newsletter...
March 2014

Welcome Back!

Studio View
Studio View

Welcome back to our shameless, self-promotion newsletter. Remember that you can always download back issues and they are all free! The newsletters are full of inside studio tips, Kate's marketing articles, painting demos and advice on some of the top artist materials available. Click here for the ArtsyFartsy Newsletter archives Of course, I like to include my recommendations for books and music in each issue. My workshop schedule is always updated - you can see it here.

Bob at Demo - Venus Studio Art Supply
Bob at Demo - Venus Studio Art Supply

This month I returned from a week in Palm Desert, California at Venus Studios Art Supply. Debra Mumm knows how to collect enthusiastic, talented painters and assemble them all together for our "Loosen Up with Aquamedia Painting" at her newly expanded and renovated space. I especially enjoyed meeting first time painters and new friends in her relaxing, yet intensely colorful workspace. I love this place to paint and make new, original work!

The girls at Venus Studio Workshop
The girls at Venus Studio Workshop

Brookings, South Dakota is a college town I never knew about until I taught a two day Abstract Painting workshop there - and now I will never forget this top-rated community. The Brookings Arts Council invited me to their cold, snowy, wide-open-spaces town to teach at their downtown, historic art center. The hospitality and organization headed by Heather Kallhoff was warm and accommodating. A full class of 24 painting students came well prepared to blow me away with their cutting edge contemporary paintings. This excited and energetic group of painters kept me on my toes to paint some of my best demos! I had a great time.

Bob & Heather
Bob & Heather

Brookings Art Council Workshop
Brookings Art Council Workshop


Then, I moved north to Mount Vernon, Washington to the Dakota Art Center for a 4 day Abstract Acrylic Painting & Collage Workshop. I really enjoy teaching this workshop - I approach this workshop as an "artist retreat" - producing a body of work all the while creatively tearing and paint splashing.

Photo Abstract Painting & Collage
Abstract Painting & Collage Workshop Demo

Read below to see where I am teaching the Abstract Acrylic Painting & Collage Workshops!

Workshops in the Spotlight

 Bob in Collage Workshop
Bob in Collage Workshop

August 13-16, 2014  

Abstract Acrylic Painting & Collage 

4-day Workshop (Wednesday-Saturday) 

Leading Edge Art Workshops - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Contact Louise Hall (403) 233-7389 or louise.hall@shaw.ca


August 20-23, 2014  

Abstract Acrylic Painting & Collage 

4-day Workshop (Wednesday-Saturday) 

Leading Edge Art Workshops - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Contact Tessa Stanley (780) 435-9445 or tessasteve@shaw.ca


February 2-6, 2015

Abstract Acrylic Painting & Collage

5-day Painting Workshop (Monday-Friday)

Art Center Sarasota

707 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34236

Demo: Sunday, February 1, 1-3 pm

Contact Elizabeth Hillman, Program Coordinator

elizabeth@artsarasota.org or call (941) 365-2032


August 17-21, 2015

Abstract Acrylic Painting & Collage

5-day Workshop  (Monday-Friday)

Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, CA

Contact Karen Bowers, Education Director (707) 937-5818 x11

or education@mendocinoartcenter.org


Studio Tip - Collage Papers

Collage Papers
Collage Papers

"Collage" is French for "glue." Max Ernst, Picasso and Braque are especially noted for creating art by gluing colored paper on a substrate like heavy paper or canvas. In fact, most artists play with collage one time in their career. Rauschenberg, De Kooning and Diebenkorn are among my current favorites. 

  Bob at Demo - Venus Studio Art Supply
According to Him

My current work manipulates paint and collage images back and forth until there's a painting I have not thought of. I prefer to collage with ordinary white printer paper with an image I make myself. I make copies of the same image in different percentage sizes and assemble the pieces for making a "master collage copy" of textures and patterns. It makes for a cohesive series!

Two Alone Paint Collage
Two Alone Paint Collage

And - if you have been in my workshops, you probably have seen my CitraSolv - National Geographic Magazine  demo. The natural household cleaner Citra-Solv, found in natural food-type stores, is liberally sprinkled (not sprayed) on a few colorful pages of National Geographic magazines. While sopping wet, close up the magazine and let sit for up to an hour or so. The Citra-Solv starts to dissolve the printing ink and spreads it around in a random, unpredictable pattern. After an hour, open the pages and you will discover some fascinating organic patterns on the paper. I pull out the pages and leave to dry. These are later used in my experimental collages.

Citrus Pear - CitraSolv Collage
Citrus Pear - CitraSolv Collage

There is no worry about copyright infringement because there will be no recognizable image from the original photograph. The image completely "melts" into a random pattern. After the collage work is complete, I finish the artwork with a UV varnish to help insure some degree of "archivalness." This technique is too new for any archival

history so I cannot make any claims. It's all experimental, and just one more cool thing to do in your studio.

Check-out their website www.citra-solv.com. They have a great artist website with demos, examples and contests! You can be a CitraSolv Artist of the Month!

CitraSolv Coupon
CitraSolv Coupon

To help you get started, click here for a printable PDF coupon for $1.00 off CitraSolv products!

I have a DVD! Abstract Painting & Collage

Abstract Painting & Collage DVD

Click here for information and ordering!

Recommended Collage Books

Here are a couple of books out of my library on the subject of


Surface Treatment Workshop cove

Surface Treatment Workshop: Explore 45 Mixed-Media Techniques by Darlene Olivia McElroy and Sandra Duran-Wilson

Paperback: 144 pages

Publisher: North Light Books (May 3, 2011)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1440308241

ISBN-13: 978-1440308246

Product Dimensions: 10.7 x 8.2 x 0.5 inches

Shipping Weight: 1.5 pounds

(buy at Amazon) 

Robert Motherwell - Early Collages cover

Robert Motherwell - Early Collages by Susan Davidson, Megan Fontanella, Brandon Taylor and Robert Motherwell

Hardcover: 144 pages

Publisher: Guggenheim Museum (October 31, 2013)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0892074973

ISBN-13: 978-0892074976

Product Dimensions: 11.3 x 9.6 x 0.7 inches

Shipping Weight: 2.5 pounds

(buy at Amazon)

Studio Music for March
Favorite Pandora Stations


•Beats Antique Radio

•Blank & Jones Radio (cool and smooth)

•DJ Shadow Radio (electronica and... weird)

•Global Chill Radio (what it is, baby)

•Ian Pooley Radio (great beat, fun, and cool)

and my cool find... Bonobo Radio - great stuff! Intellectual, chill out, experimental, made for dancing, four on the floor beats.

I love this Bonobo Radio, station especially when I'm painting at night... they seem to know the smooth tempo. And definitely plug into the others!


Ask Kate about Art Marketing

ASK KATE! With every newsletter, Kate will post your questions and her responses on the subject of marketing, sales, and promotion. If your question is selected for the newsletter, you will receive a Burridge Permission Mug. If you have a burning question that you would like to have answered -- for your benefit and everyone else's -- email Kate at kate@robertburridge.com

We have an Art Marketing Workshop Coming Up!

Art Marketing for the Busy Artist 

Sunday, August 17, 2014   

Leading Edge Art Workshops

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Contact Louise Hall (403) 233-7389 or louise.hall@shaw.ca


Recommended Book

Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon

Kleon's earlier book, "Steal Like an Artist" was a New York Times Bestseller and I think this one will certainly make the list too! The entire title is "Show Your Work! 10 Ways to Share your Creativity and Get Discovered". He believes that by sharing something new every day, using the network and being findable are key. It's a hip, fun and very informative book!

Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon

Paperback: 224 pages

Publisher: Workman Publishing Company (March 6, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 076117897X

ISBN-13: 978-0761178972

Product Dimensions: 5.9 x 5.9 x 0.7 inches

Shipping Weight: 9.6 ounces

(buy at Amazon)  

Art Marketing Tip - Donations!

How many times are you asked to donate artwork to a charity event? 

I bet MANY times! Bob has donated artwork, painted on wine barrels, musical instruments, clocks, furniture and clothing! 

Wine Barrel for the Central Coast Wine Classic
Wine Barrel for the Central Coast Wine Classic

French Horn
French Horn

We decide how many charities we will support at the beginning of the year and we don't go beyond that decision. Bob loves the challenge of something new and exciting! He always does his best because we want the work that is donated be a superb reflection of the Studio. 

We are always asked by artists - what can we deduct from our taxes when we donate artwork? The answer is simple - NOTHING. You can only deduct the cost of the materials... and you have probably already deducted that! 

Here is a great resource - AppealsForArt.com  They have complied a 26 page downloadable booklet for both Artists and Charities. And it is free! Go to their website and you can download the book. A great resource to share with your art groups and favorite charities!

Appeals for Art

Check out our Art Marketing Workbook and DVD!

Art Marketing Workbook and DVD

Click here for details for Hot Art Marketing Workbook.

Click here for details for Making Money with your Art DVD.


Kate your Art Marketing Girl has friends!
Kate your Art Marketing Girl has friends!


Nancy Fleming supplied this photo of "Bobby & Katie" for National Puppy Day!

Click here for top of page.

Product in the Spotlight

We Love our New Burridge Studio App

Burridge Goof Proof Color Wheel App
Burridge Goof Proof Color Wheel App

Introducing the Burridge Studio app for iPhone, iPad and Android.  Create show-stopping paintings with the help of artist, Robert Burridge. The Burridge Studio app features his Goof-Proof Color Wheel as well as several reference charts that help you achieve your painting goals, from Rembrandt-style lighting and painting the illusion of glass, to dynamic design compositions. Pinch to zoom, swipe and scroll through charts to get a better view of the techniques that Robert Burridge uses. New updated versions, click here to view in iTunes Store.

The Burridge Studio App is free - there are in-app purchases for the Color Wheel app and the 3 Studio Charts apps.

Color Wheel App - Red Dominant
Color Wheel App - Red Dominant

The Burridge Color Wheel app is pretty cool! It is interactive so you can touch the dominant color on the device's screen and it moves to reveal the color combination. Also included in this app is an image gallery of finished paintings and color combination demos, all identified with their color combination. Color Comparison Chart and instructions are also included. Looks great on Kate's iPad Mini and my iPad.

In App Purchases

Color Wheel App - $9.99

Studio Charts Apps - $4.99/each

Click here to view in iTunes Store

Featured Products
The Best Rolls of Tape in my Studio

Yes, I have also tried them all. Some tape works better than others…  and for different reasons.

The Sticky Things I Use
The Sticky Things I Use

For light weight paper collages, sometime I will use 3M Super 77 Multi Purpose Adhesive. But - if I plan to continue painting with acrylics and I am using heavier paper and cardboard in my collage, my glue of choice is "heavy-body acrylic gel adhesive" such as the acrylic water based gel mediums. And boy, there are a lot of different ones out there! My favorite is Nova Gel #207. (Don't get a combo of Medium/Varnish because the varnish won't be optically clear and may fog up!) — I will talk more about mediums in the next issue of the ArtsyFartsy News.

But the tapes have more specific purposes. I'll describe what I do with each.

Bob’s Favorite Brown Tape
Bob's Favorite Brown Tape


My go-to, general purpose, studio, really-tapes-things-down, brown paper tape is what I use to close and seal shipping boxes, tape paintings to the wall, or tape anything down that I really want to stick. Also called "boxtape," it is available in various sizes and can be purchased in single rolls at a U-Haul Moving Supply Store or in bulk (24 rolls) at uline.com. Instead of using tacks, I use this tape to temporarily adhere my paper paintings to the wall.

Kleenedge Tape
Kleenedge Tape

I also use hard-edge temporary tapes. These tapes are made for making a clean, sharp edge and for creating multiple layers of "template looking" shapes. When the paint dries, the tape is slowly peeled back, revealing the crisp white edge of the paper - like a frisket. Kleenedge, Scotch Blue Painters' Tape or Frogtape Delicate Surface. Visit their "how-to" section of frogtape.com for tips. I use this tape to mask off a border on a full sheet of watercolor paper. Inside the taped border I swirl charcoal and dirt, then draw and paint with an oil stick. When finished, I peel back the tape, revealing a clean paper edge. Note that these delicate-style tapes will not hold your paper to the wall. 

Taping off Border with Blue Painters Tape
Taping off Border with Blue Painters' Tape

Painters' tapes are meant as a temporary straight edge or frisket, most commonly used by house painters - it's that crazy blue color so they can quickly find pieces of left-behind tape on window sills and hidden in corners.

White "Pro" and "Artist's Tape-Acid Free" are what I use to tape my watercolor paper paintings to backboards or mats where I'm concerned for acid-free and archival issues. 

Gorilla Tape is an industrial strength, extra durable, tough black tape used to practically hold a car together. Like your dad's roll of gray tape, but only black and a lot more extra sticky! (Hey, it says so on the label!)

And the 3M Gaffers Black Cloth Tape is the Ferrari of all tapes. Gaffer's tape is matte black, high strength cloth, waterproof and sticks to most surfaces… and it's $30 a roll. Ask any photographer... They can't live without it.

Framing Hardware

  -Ring on Back of Painting Panel
Ring on Back of Painting Panel

Use real framing hardware found at art stores or frame shops. If you are doing simple stuff like wiring or screwing in D-rings, the easy, yet satisfying art making stuff, I suggest this. One third down the back side of the wood frame, drill a smaller pilot hole, being careful not to go all the way through the frame. Gently screw in the D-ring. Use picture framers' wire to complete the job. A pair of small wire cutters and a Philips head screwdriver  are helpful.

But wait! The March 2014 issue of The Artist's Magazine features a very thorough informative article on framing techniques and hardware. "The Hardware Facts" by Chris A. Paschke. This article will clearly show you how to frame your work.

Self-Piercing Lath Screws

Lath Screws on the Back of a Painting Panel
Lath Screws on the Back of a Painting Panel

I talk about all this framing stuff in my workshops and I received a follow-up question from Mady, from Arizona:

"I was in your Art Box class in California this past November. You had some unusual way of attaching hanging wire to the gallery wrap canvas. I thought you said it was "self piercing lathe" but I must have gotten it wrong because the hardware store didn't know what I was talking about. Could you email me the name of the correct piece of hardware?"   

Self-Piercing Lath Screw Closeup
Self-Piercing Lath Screw Closeup

Mady - Thanks for your email! It is "Self-Piercing Lath Wood Screws". It already has the washer on it. Above is another closeup on the back of a wooden cradled painting panel. For your question, we will send you a Burridge Permission Mug!

We Want to Hear From You
We Want to Hear From You


Floater-Style Frame
Floater-Style Frame

First off, please know you are not in the framing business. Let's suppose you are in the business of selling your paintings. You have a choice of either not adding on the cost of a frame or to sell the painting unframed. For a canvas, I paint the canvas sides a mid-gray and sell as is or I drop the canvas into a floater-style frame. I do not make a big, "interior designer frame" statement. So, if you want a good looking frame, have it done by your local professional framer.

Painting the Sides
Painting the Sides

When I am responsible for the look of an entire exhibition, I reframe all my work for this show in the same style frame. This keeps the show visually cohesive. The frames are contemporary and simple in design and do not attract attention away from the painting. I feel that any frame that draws attention to itself is not doing its job. The frame is there to physically protect the painting and not to add to the decor of the room. Others disagree with me on this point… I however keep my business real simple. I paint and my customer can frame!

Floater Frame Detail
Floater Frame Detail

So, having said all that, I use floater-style frames with canvases up to 24 x 24 inches. I feel this contemporary presentation shows off the abstract modern style better than the older style ready-made frames.

I purchase floater frames locally or from art supply catalogs. The frame design accepts all different canvas depths from 3/4 inch deep up to the larger floater style that fits the 2 inch "museum style" wrap around canvases. The best advice I can say, for those not familiar with this new floater style frame is to see your local framer first. They will assemble the look you want.

Use Mats for a Great Presentation
Use Mats for a Great Presentation

Mats, Backboards and Clear Bags

I enjoy the ceremonial process of mating and sleeving my paintings. It's a completion kind of thing. Note that I did not say cutting mats. Don't Do It! Buy them in bulk at great prices. My latest mat source is Matboards & More. Their quality, product and service is the best I have found. Or again, find a local source who can match the same product and price.

Bob's Resource List of Favorite Stuff for his Studio!

I am asked - What are my favorite art materials I work with in my studio?  I put together this list - from paint to paper to brushes; varnishes to mediums; barrier creams to signing pens! As I discover more products and fall in love with them, I will add to my list. These are the products and materials that work for me!

Click here to see my New Resource List! 

Bob's Favorite Magazine (this month!)

Raw Vision, current issue
Raw Vision, current issue

Raw Vision Magazine is a quarterly publication. Each issue jump starts or wakes me up - creatively. It's the world's only international magazine of outsider art, If you are interested in far out visionary art mingled with hip, contemporary folk art, this magazine is worth the self-education investment. ($49/4 issues)

Even though my painting style does not resemble any of this, the images and self-taught imagination excites me. Warning: You are going to see art you've never seen before. Isn't that the point of what we do? (Come to think of it - their art work is throughout our home and walls.)

Bananas by Justin Dobbs Robinson
Bananas by Justin Dobbs Robinson

The text is scholarly written and not by those cheesy, art-speak paid writers that other magazines use. Each issue features cutting edge outsider artists from around the world. Those visionary artists do not consider themselves "artists" per se. They are gifted, self-taught visionaries with grandiose imagination and a mission of living in their studios and telling their own stories.

In 1922, a German psychiatrist and art historian Hans Prinzhorn published "The Art of Insanity: An Analysis of Ten Schizophrenic Artists" which was the first time avant garde artists took a second look, influencing the likes of Franz Marc, Paul Klee, Max Ernst and Joan Dubuffet. Prinzhorn's theories influenced Surrealists, and helped formulate the Art Brut movement - which led to the origins of outsider art.

Raw Vision magazine is exactly about what the title implies. Treat yourself!

Raw Vision LTD

Publisher: Raw Vision Ltd (January 29, 2014)

Issues: 4 issues / year

Language: English


(buy at Amazon)

The Art of Insanity


The Art of Insanity: An Analysis of Ten Schizophrenic Artists by Hans Prinzhorn

Series: Solar Books - Solar Research Archive

Paperback: 160 pages

Publisher: Solar Books (October 15, 2011)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0983248001

ISBN-13: 978-0983248002

Product Dimensions: 8.4 x 8.4 x 0.4 inches

Shipping Weight: 1.3 pounds 

(buy at Amazon)

Outside my Studio
Outside my Studio

You, the artist, have to develop to the point where your eccentricity blossoms. My advice is, "Don't let anybody tell you what or how to paint." Don't let others limit you because they can't imagine doing it themselves. People who judge you don't matter… and people who matter don't judge you. Do everything to support your own dream.

Recommended Websites - Framing Resources

Cheap Joe's Art Stuff - complete framing supplies, canvases and painting panels


ClearBags – crystal clear bags in all sizes


Clear Envelopes – clear bags in smaller quantities


Dick Blick - complete framing supplies, canvases and painting panels


Jerry's Artarama - complete framing supplies, canvases and painting panels


Masterpiece Artist Canvas - huge variety of stretched canvas styles


Matboard & More – mats, backboards, clear bags, frames and Plexiglas


Framing for Yourself


Others Websites We Like!

International Society of Acrylic Painters - New juried show schedule


Creativity Summit


Citra Solv LLC  - They have a new newsletter!


Citra Solv's New Art ConTest


Dillman's Creative Arts - Follow them on Pinterest!


Austin Kleon


Justin Dobbs Robinson


Robert Burridge
Burridge Workshop for Artists

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