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What our subscribers are saying about the Weekly BobBlast!

•"Keep BLASTING ME Robert. You bang the creative stuff out of me. Keep on keeping On!  Big appreciation and thanks."

•"Thank you Bob! I don't know why I feel so emotional from your words… but you do speak to my heart. Every day I paint and read your book - so much inspiration! Thank you for being in my life! I am still wearing my bobette button on my apron and giving myself permission!"

•"Absolutely right, Bob.  It's so much better to project positivity than doom and gloom. Everyone has something negative happening, but things are a bit easier to cope if one has a positive outlook and a good sense of humor! Thanks so much for wonderful BobBlasts!"

•"Thank you, thank you for all the info you continue to give all of us!!  Your color and way of working still inspire me more than anything else."

•"This has been a highlight… a great "thrust" for us."

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