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Weekly BobBlast #6

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Dear Artist,
Your Studio to Create Things.

An artist's studio is not a showcase, a display or a stage set and it's not
for giving "tours." Your studio is a workspace for you and your creativity.
A factory for producing many things... lots of many things!

You go there and do your work by yourself. Insist on no interruptions.
Your workspace should excite you, just feeling the possibilities when you show up. So, show up!

Suggestion - Wherever you make paintings, call it your studio.
You must have a place to go to do your work by yourself. Claim your space and time, lock the doors and paint.

P.S. If you paint in your garage, put tape on the floor to define your space. Then say, "I'm parking my car in my studio." Family members will get it... eventually.

Now, Go Park & Paint!

Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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