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Weekly BobBlast #37
"In the Groove"

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Dear Artist,
In the Groove.

For me, it's the rhythm, the beat, the uninterrupted flow while working on the painting. Some call this "in the groove." Any action that takes me out of this groove - looking and walking around the studio to find something, talking on the phone, or studio visitors is a disruption.

I have noticed that I get more creative and do more painting if I stay focused in front of the canvas... That said, BEFORE I paint, I lay out everything. Everything. If my materials are out on the table and organized, there will be no need to stop what I'm doing (painting) and breaking the rhythm of the creative process. I learned this technique early as a young magician, laying everything out on the table and as a drummer - keeping the beat.

Beat it!

Haystack Series

Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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I have had a few studio visitors who were "happy interruptions" - fond memories of being in the groove and surprised by a cow in my studio. There was also a baby goat named Lucy who ate an entire bouquet of flowers. I also recommend you friend Jennifer Stone on FaceBook and enjoy the photos she posts of Coco, her pet buffalo! One of my favs is Coco standing outside Jennifer's studio - looking in! Not your normal studio distractions!
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