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Weekly BobBlast #36
"Loosen Up"

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Dear Artist,
Loosen Up.

If you want to be looser in your approach to painting, start painting
loose... first!

Don't start tight, thinking you will loosen up later on... you won't!

A good way to start loose is create a mess. Then, use negative shape
painting to get rid of what doesn't look like your subject.

In the photo below - the top part is the mess. The second image of trees
were there all along! Negative shape painting brought them to the forefront.

Thanks for checking this every Monday morning. These are fun reminders
and they keep me focused too.

So... keep smiling! It worries others!

Haystack Series

Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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Before & After - Making a Mess
Finished Painting - Red Trees, 8x16 inches, acrylic on paper
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