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Weekly BobBlast #34
"Hot Press or Cold Press?"

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Dear Artist,
Like it Rough? Or Smooth?

This may be a small matter and I hesitate to even bring it up. But I repeatedly hear this question about watercolor paper, "What's the difference between a smooth finish or a slightly rough finish?"

CP means Cold Press - a rough finish.
HP means Hot Press - a smooth finish.
(Think of a hot iron - it gets the wrinkles out.)
Remember... HP = Smooth  CP = Rough

Depending on the look you want, painting on a smooth finish (HP) allows
the paint to flow easily. Painting on a rough finish (CP) restricts the free flow slightly and is more conducive to a heavier applied paint.

This is an oversimplified explanation, but you get the idea.

Try them both!

Haystack Series

Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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