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Weekly BobBlast #31

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Dear Artist,
Using a Discarded Mat

I work on a flat table - my table is my palette. So therefore, there is
a lot
of visual distraction around the painting. It's hard for me to see
how its coming along!

To determine the progress of a painting I'm working on, I find it useful to place a mat over this painting temporarily. The mat isolates the painting
from the surrounding area. If no mat is available, I place the painting on a larger sheet of white paper. It gives the illusion of a mat and has the same effect.

It's a simple idea - visually helps me to "see" the painting all by itself. I will see exactly what the painting needs next. Give it a try!

Paint More!

Haystack Series

Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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Bob in a Workshop - using a mat to isolate painting
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