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Weekly BobBlast #24

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Dear Artist,
It's Your Studio - Show Up!

Wherever you paint, call the place your studio. It sets a strong image in your head and sends a stronger message to others when you say, "I'm going to my studio."

If you paint in your garage, "I'm parking my car in my studio." Or, if you share the garage space, put tape on the floor and mark off your space. Sends a very clear message... This is where I work.

Now - show up. Keep regular hours - just like a real job. Sure, some days may be non-painting days, but I have learned, just SHOW UP and sit there in your studio. You may feel lousy, but I dare you to sit still... It won't be long until you are moving color around. Now you are moving forward!

The Magic Show Begins When YOU Show Up!

Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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