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Weekly BobBlast #13

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Dear Artist,
Hobby or Lifestyle?

If making a painting is your hobby, good for you! It's what you've chosen to do in your spare time. Painting is what you do in between everything else. Again, good for you - you are producing, creating and learning.

However, if making paintings all day, every day is what you've chosen to do, then it's your "lifestyle". You paint every day. The other things you do in between painting are chores. And still - you are producing, creating and learning.

If your choice is a "lifestyle" you already realize you show up every day in your studio and do your work. Like a job, you show up... every day. 

Decide what you want, then make it happen.

Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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Bob in his original "hay barn studio"
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