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"Creativity Summit Special Online Combo"

Bob is a guest speaker for The Creativity Summit, Series 2: "Wake Up and Live Your Potential" hosted by Dr. Ron Stotts. Set to air June 17-21, 2013. Set to air in June. We have created this special online combo of products to help launch your next creative brainstorm, your next masterpiece or simply to keep you excited!

Loosen Up Workbook & Studio Notes
The newest and biggest "Robert Burridge's Workbook & Studio Notes" features more creative ideas for loosening up your paintings and your artistic life. 140 pages, color cover, black & white photos and drawings.

Start Abstract Painting Today! DVD
Join Bob is his"Magic Studio" and learn about his approach to painting and thinking abstractly... with a plan! 60 minutes.

Loosening Up Techniques... Improvisation in the Studio DVD
Using acrylic paint, glue, gesso and paper bits, Bob enthusiastically smears, scrapes and draws all over the painting surface before getting down to business. This DVD is all about this important playtime. See how improvising with a few art materials expands your creativity and loosens you up. 43 minutes.

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