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Robert Burridge Artist Statement

“No Full Disclosure”

My intentions for this new body of work is to visually reveal a wide range of different “reads” in each painting, without giving away much more than that. Thus the exhibit title: No Full Disclosure.

These paintings have something to hide. They do their best when skirting the issues and sidestepping the question… “What is going on here?”

For me, the real meaning and purpose of each painting is to expose just enough of my stumbling around, doodling with paint and stopping just short of telling everything.

There are secret clues loaded with familiar rhetoric and symbolism for your enjoyment. And keep in mind, the color, the calligraphy, the dance of line and shapes in space will almost explain everything to you.

Enjoy the trek! That’s all I got.

March 2009
Arroyo Grande, CA USA

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