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As a kid, I hid in my bedroom and practiced magic tricks and entertained my four brothers. Also, I wanted to run away and join the circus, so my dad built a backyard trapeze for me. My first art work was a large publicity sign advertising my neighborhood magic shows and circus acts. Throughout my school years, I performed magic shows earning money to pay for my art school tuition. Today I still practice magic tricks, clown around and paint everyday in my studio. I have always believed, "you can't separate your life from what you passionately love to do. Magic tricks, circus and me. Who'da thought? Enjoy the show.

Magic Ears 1961
           Bob's Magic Rabbit 1970
           Bob's Magic Studio
Bob's Magic Studio 2013
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Glaze Illusionist Five Illusionist Four Illusionist One Illusionist Three

Illusionist Two Lick Magic Doughnut Machine SkyBounce Squeeze

After the Show Maestro - The Magicia It’s Show Time Slydini, the Card Magician Balancing Twins Voilá - a Rabbit!

Up in the Air Opening Act Rabbit Wranglers High Wire Act Happy Pants Bosom Buddies

Fez the Magician Island Magician Magic Doughnut Machine Magic Juggler Red Magician

After the Parade Comic Relief White Face Clown Costume Mistress Trapeze Star Hoochie Coochie Dancer

Coy Show Girl with Pole Tumbler Cold Shoulder Miss Magic & her Rabbit

Miss Magic Lounge Act Séance Under Wraps Juggling Clown

It’s Show Time! The Whole Act Ta Da! The Boss King Clown

Water Illusion Circle of Friends Net The Disappear Volunteer Proud Mama

Water Escape Rabbit on a Ladder Fancy Pants Magician Just Me & My Rabbit Up in Smoke Stilts and his Magic Rabbit

Green Rabbit Trick Secret Magician Magic Playhouse After the Show - Backstage Ta Dah! White Rabbit Trick Ta Dah! Rabbit in a Box!

Nothing Up My Sleeve Bag of Tricks Stack of Rabbits Trick

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