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Weekly BobBlast #88
"The Advantages of Transparent Fluid Acrylics" VIDEO

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Dear Artist,
The Advantages of Transparent Fluid Acrylics

This BobBlast shows how I turn the four black and white landscape paintings from the two previous BobBlasts (BB#86 and BB#87) into colorful little gems!

This week's lesson demonstrates the effectiveness of transparent paint and colors when brushed over an existing dried painting. It's like putting on a "stain of color". 

When I begin a painting as a monochromatic painting - using only black and white acrylic paint, I work with the dark and light shapes first. After this first step has dried, the transparent colors are then wiped or brushed over the monochromatic painting and the painting comes alive!

Because I am using transparent fluid acrylics, I can still see the original painting underneath. Transparent fluid acrylics are very useful for wiping 
over an existing colorful painting - if I feel the painting needs a color change or just sprucing up.

Since the fluid acrylics are either opaque or transparent, be certain to use 
only the transparent. Otherwise, the opaque fluid acrylics will completely cover the artwork underneath.

For me, generally speaking, these highly tinted fluid acrylics act like a dye 
or translucent stain. In my demo I am using Holbein Artist Fluid Acrylics - pouring, brushing, stain in a high-tinting strength. I also used Holbein Artist Acrylic Marigold (transparent).

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Keep painting!

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"The Advantages of Transparent Fluid Acrylics" video.

BobBlast #88 The Advantages of Transparent Fluid Acrylics

Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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Bob in his studio, with Landscape Composition Layouts.
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