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Weekly BobBlast #59
"Loosen Up - Go Bigger!" VIDEO

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Dear Artist,
Loosen Up - Go Bigger!

It's no secret - if you want to loosen up your painting techniques,

Bigger Brushes
No small brushes ever! Use your big brushes to paint your small paintings. 

Bigger Buckets
Not necessarily a Tall bucket  - Lower and wider buckets are my favorites.

Bigger Paper
To keep looser, use full sheets of watercolor paper - or even a ROLL of paper!

Have a BIG IDEA! - Write it down on your table so you can't lose it.

Size Matters.

Don't forget. Watch the video!


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"Loosen Up - Go Bigger!"

BobBlast #59  Loosen Up - Go Bigger!

Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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Bob with Bigger Brushes
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