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Weekly BobBlast #50
"Planning Your Art Show!" VIDEO

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Dear Artist,

Planning Your Next Art Show!

Take the guesswork out of hanging your next art show by starting in your studio. By designing the exhibit layout first, you will know exactly how many paintings are needed for the art show space.


I am showing my new "Lounge Ladies" paintings this summer in a Northern California Art Center. The exhibit space has three walls, 12', 5' and 5.5' - and to get a sense of the actual hanging area I have, I taped off the measurements in my studio. Try different hanging combinations, go for the best flow and balance of color and design.


Prepping ahead will mean you don't take too much or too little work.

No Surprises... Surprise!

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"Planning Your Art Show!

BobBlast #50  Planning Your Art Show!

Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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