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Weekly BobBlast #40
"Getting Started in your Studio VIDEO"

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Dear Artist,

Getting Started in your Studio.

Thanks for your very positive response for last week's video BobBlast.

I am often asked - How do I get started? In this week's video I am in my studio, showing my painting set-up. To get the painting started, I also review my 4 Cs...

1. What is the Concept?
2. What is the Color Combination?
3. What is the Composition?
4. Continue the series

I like to throw in a fifth C- Commit to the original concept.

Just Get Started!

Click HERE to view the 'BobBlast Issue 40 Getting Started in your Studio' video.

Haystack Series

Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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Bob in Studio - video run time 2 minutes, 50 seconds
To read about Bob's studio practices, intentions and painting tips,
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In this video, Bob referred to his Colorful Composition Chart
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