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The Weekly BobBlast #138
Dial it Back.

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Dial it Back

Welcome back to another BobBlast!

Green paint... right out of the tube - it unnerves me. It appears too raw or acidic. This is what I do to make it work for me.

I put a couple of different greens down on my palette - then I mix in another color, depending what I am after. Adding white paint obviously lightens the color towards a pastel look - also known as a high-key color, light and airy.

In previous BobBlasts, I have demonstrated how I neutralize a color by mixing in a tiny amount of its complementary color. Adding a bit of red, the color green will dial back to a softer green.

Or, at times, I add a bit of black to dial back a color... but not too much black or you will kill the color into a dull mud.

My favorite mid-tone green to work with is made by mixing yellow, white and black. This mix creates a grey-green-sage color. I then mix into this mid-tone green a variety of green colors directly from the tube. Also - the complementary colors will pop off the page!

I played with this approach with my least favorite color (green) and by the end of the day, it became one of my favorite exercises to face head-on what bothers me!

I learn a lot more about color and painting by practicing and painting... a lot more!

Here's a quick reminder about some upcoming workshops and dates. If interested, sign up now!

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More Featured Workshops:

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Granbury, Texas
April 3-7, 2017 - Larger and Looser: The New Master's Program for the Postmodern Painter
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Raleigh, North Carolina
April 10-14, 2017 - Abstract Acrylic Painting & Collage
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Dial it Back.
Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge

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