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Weekly BobBlast #120
"Painting Abstract Florals Using Four Colors." VIDEO

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Dear Artist,
Paint Abstract Florals using Four Colors.

Welcome back to another BobBlast! 

This BobBlast catches me during a workshop for the Arizona Watercolor Association. On this day, we focused on specific color combinations from 
my Goof-Proof Color Wheel - and as a part of my "4 Cs for Beginning a Painting."

In this BobBlast I show how I goof around with the 4 colors first. I heard that "under every good painting is a good abstract painting" - so, not being a big fan of the color green, I chose green as my DOMINANT color. In the video I use an abstract floral series to show how I start to paint very abstractly, then pull it all together thru color selection and negative shape painting. 

Color Steps, using my Color Wheel are easy to see from beginning to end:

Step One - Dominant color is Green
Step Two - Focal Point color is Magenta
Step Three - Two Spice Colors are Marigold and Ultramarine Blue

I begin by painting very abstractly - and finally with opaque colors, paint over the parts that are not needed. If it's not part of the picture, it's out of there... uh, painted over...

Start Abstract First!

Here's a quick reminder about some upcoming workshops and dates. If interested, sign up now!

November 16-20, 2016
Burridge's Loosen Up, Abstracts and Figures + Collage
Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Contact Carole Marie Stuart,

January 6-8, 2017
Loose & Juicy Florals
Donna Downey Studios
Huntersville, NC 28078
Contact Bill Downey, (704) 948-4627 or
Click HERE for Bob's Workshop info.

January 21-28, 2017
Burridge's Tropical Painting Workshop
Casa de Los Artistas
Boca de Tomatlan, 10 miles South of Puerto Vallarta
Contact Robert Masla, (413) 625-8383
Click HERE for Bob's Workshop info.

Check out the Art of the Carolinas Trade Show:

November 10-13, 2016
Jerry's Artarama Art of the Carolinas
Raleigh, North Carolina
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View Bob's Workshop Schedule, click HERE.
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Hope you have enjoyed these short, weekly blasts! Sign up on my website and keep watching. There are lots of them! 


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"Painting Abstract Florals Using Four Colors."

BobBlast Issue #120
Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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Bob, at a demo for the Tucson Watercolor Association
video run time 3 minutes, 7 seconds

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