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Weekly BobBlast #101
"Change your Mind - Change your Painting." VIDEO

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Dear Artist,
Change your Mind - Change your Painting!

Some acrylic fluids have the advantage of transparent color that can be washed over dried acrylic underpaintings, and therefore, shifting the color. The underpaintings can either be a black and white value study or a full-on color combination. 

Again, for the initial painting has totally dried (very important) - I prefer to wipe transparent fluid color over the entire painting. This procedure completely alters all predetermined color choices and shifts the energy and excitement all over the surface!

I have also found this this is a fun way to surprise myself - by returning to an earlier "failed" painting. For instance, if I feel the painting can't get any "worser," what the heck, I drastically shift direction with a color wash. This certainly is not a new idea, but it's good to be reminded you always have another option instead of beating up on the canvas... and on yourself.

Be sure to watch the video - I work on a black and white value study and a color combination, shifting both with transparent fluid acrylic color washes. 

I like to believe that this is all about the act of painting - and not rendering photo realism. I always prefer painting instead.

Change your mind, your water and your attitude! 

The above studio lessons, materials and much, much more are featured in my Workshops all over the country! 

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"Change your Mind - Change your Painting." video.

BobBlast #101 Change your Mind - Change your Painting.

Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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Bob, in his studio, with his favorite acrylic fluids.
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